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20,000 pullups – first day off

I decided yesterday to give myself (already tired from a long week) and my shoulder a bit more of a break, as I’m ahead of my target. In other news, I’ve just realised I still haven’t called the Cardiac Care Unit. Bummer.

20,000 pullups – shoulder update

Over the last few days, my right shoulder has been feeling a bit dodgy. I don’t want to stop or cut back the pullups too much yet, but I did think a bit of rest could help. Yesterday, I did all my pullups before breakfast, and today I waited until late evening, giving myself about… Read More »

Stupid Shoulder

For the last couple of days, my right shoulder has been grumbling. I think it’s from doing the Pullups “fully-extended” so I’ve been taking care on form and keeping the sets small; something helped by the fact that they’re really hard! I’ll have to read up on correct form and shoulder anatomy. “Rotation Cuff” seems… Read More »

20,000 pullups – update

As you will see from the graph on my original post I’ve been doing pretty well with the pullups. Possibly a little too well. After it was apparent that I could do more than I need to to match my current daily targets, I focussed more on quality. Ouch. The bar is at such a… Read More »

Google Chrome, Chromium and proxy settings

This is really for my benefit, in case I forget, but might also help somebody else who finds this annoyance. I use google chrome to get at bits of the web that certain corporate proxies don’t allow. I use an ssh tunnel to a tinyproxy instance running on my home machine and then connect to… Read More »


Oh dear. I’ve not been very good at keeping up-to-date with the food log, and had a minor and then a series of more major setbacks. On Tuesday, I did my first ever group running session. I planned badly and hadn’t eaten much before hand, and it wasn’t the “little bit of jogging” I was… Read More »

20,000 pullups in 2011

Carl and @PabloCheesecake are two fat blokes who have set themselves the target of doing 20,000 situps (each) by the end of the year. M. Cheesecake set himself the target of cycling 500 miles in 2010 and achieved it, and by some fat-gentleman’s agreement they have set themselves a situp target. To help motivate and… Read More »

Paleo Fishcakes

I was a bit short of ingredients and working from home today, so I had a look on for a recipe using tuna, and found this one I was slightly dubious, and didn’t have all the ingredients, but thought I’d give it a go. As it turns out, I had more of the… Read More »


Hi, I’ve been tweeting everything that I eat since the 1st Jan, but I realised that old tweets get lost, so I’ve started this blog and it should get updated daily with the day’s tweets for posterity. If I can figure out how to get back my old tweets, I will.

Form problems and blisters

When I started running barefoot, I had problems with twisting between landing and lift-off. This led to a few blisters at the front of the ball of foot, between the big and second toes. This had been coined the “Valley of the Kings” blister on the huaraches Google Group. I have mostly cured this problem… Read More »