Form problems and blisters

By | 1st January 2011



When I started running barefoot, I had problems with twisting between landing and lift-off. This led to a few blisters at the front of the ball of foot, between the big and second toes. This had been coined the “Valley of the Kings” blister on the huaraches Google Group. I have mostly cured this problem by focussing on light steps and quick lift-off.

One problem that persists is friction on my second toes. I can’t seem to avoid rubbing on those toes. I is made worse by the bend sideways that those toes have at the first joint. My mum claims that they have always been like that, (not caused by shoes), and my dad’s are similar so she may be right.

The bend seems to cause those toes to twist on landing and the side if the toe rubs, rather than the pad of the toe being the bit that touches.

Still, it was my first run of the year, after very inconsistent (understatement) running over the last few months. I felt quite good, just tiring towards the end.

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