By | 15th January 2011

Oh dear.

I’ve not been very good at keeping up-to-date with the food log, and had a minor and then a series of more major setbacks.

On Tuesday, I did my first ever group running session. I planned badly and hadn’t eaten much before hand, and it wasn’t the “little bit of jogging” I was expecting. We did 1km intervals and my low (at least in comparison) fitness levels became quite apparent. By the end, I had jelly legs and the shakes. Despite having half my lunch left and some nuts and raisins, I totally caved and ended up eating a chocolate bar to satisfy my craving for carbs, and then 2 more :-/

I didn’t feel too bad about it, I avoided wheat and put it down to bad planning on my part along with fatigue from running two days in a row, and extended intense exercise on a fairly empty stomach.

Yesterday, I was pretty pleased with the way my first slow-cooker meal turned out. I finally cooked the piece of beef brisket that’s been in the freezer for ages, with various veggies and it was very nice.

I don’t really know why, but I then proceeded to throw myself headlong off the wagon. Nothing was exempt. Chocolate, some leftover chinese takeaway that my sister-in-law didn’t finish, a couple of small cupcakes, you get the picture. A good old-fashioned binge.

Then, something not quite expected. I woke up this morning with stomach pain and bloating/trapped wind. I didn’t eat all morning and then had a not-quite-paleo mixed grill for lunch and felt a bit better, but the pain has persisted all day.

I didn’t think I had a particular problem with wheat, but it’s quite possible that I do, but maintaining a constant level of ingestion means that I’m asymptomatic most of the time. I haven’t ingested any wheat in 2 weeks, except for a tiny amount in some pork rinds (so need to learn to make them myself) so this may be the result of reintroducing it suddenly.

I intend to be back on the wagon tomorrow.

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