Monthly Archives: February 2011

Daddy I love this!

What with all my research into barefooting and minimal shoes, it’s bothered me that many of the shoes that Oscar wears are kind of clunky and inflexible, or have a heel. We know about Soft Star Shoes in the US, but there isn’t anywhere in the UK that does anything like that for adults that… Read More »

100 pullups in one day

Well, that was kind of unexpected. Today I hit the target that I wasn’t aiming to hit until December! I managed 100 pullups in one day, in many sets, maximum set of 10 a couple of times. It means I can relax a bit and take a chunk of a few days to recover, as… Read More »

20,000 pullups minor update

Over the weekend, I quietly reached a little milestone. That’s right, I’ve done over 1000 pullups. 5% of the way towards my goal. There are an awful lot more to do, but it feels good to have made that milestone. Especially since my shoulder was giving me some real gyp (cue ratholing into etymology of… Read More »