Monthly Archives: June 2011

Woman’s Weekly notices paradigm shifts?

A lot of the reading I’ve been doing lately has been around diet and health, and how a lot of “Conventional Wisdom” about diet is fundamentally flawed. For instance, the idea that saturated fat causes heart disease appears to be…flat out wrong (I can provide citations). I don’t have time to blog about it much,… Read More »

Back on the horse

It took a few more days after the bruising showed up on my arm for it to feel strong enough to try a pullup again, but it was not to be. The muscle that was hurting in my abdomen was still extremely painful and is immediately engaged when doing a pullup. I had to exercise… Read More »


A frustrating week. I was making good progress for the first three days last week. On target for 100 pullups each day, to bash out the next 1000 in two weeks. Unfortunately, on thursday, I started to experience a pain in a muscle in my abdomen. I think I can trace it to straining it… Read More »