Teardown: Loom removal

By | 28th May 2013

Spent half an hour down in the shed working on getting the loom off. In the process, finished removing last bits of the cooling system, remnants of the rear mudguard and the battery box. Bit concerned about how few of the connectors I’ve labelled, and really wishing I’d been more thorough. Was clearly a bit gung-ho about disconnecting them. Oh well. I think my plan of reconnecting everything on a board has merit, if only to get a better idea of where things go first.


Radiator filler with electrical connections. Note ground wires.


Same again


Radiator filler cap and connections


Connectors for side stand (now labelled on the loom)


Connectors for side stand sensor


Ground wire on side of battery box, attached to the negative battery connector


Ground wire on battery box, screw also retains battery box to frame.


Bits attached to the side of the battery box. What are they?

IMG_20130528_211028 IMG_20130528_211035 IMG_20130528_211039

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