Teardown: Steering head bearings

By | 30th May 2013


With some advice from the folks on the LTD forum, I gave the top of the stem a sharp rap with a hammer and piece of wood and the stem dropped out, leaving the upper bearing behind, which then lifted out. Both races show some pitting, which looks bad but I can only just feel them with a finger tip. However, the Haynes manual says:

If even the slightest amount of wear or damage is evident, the races should be replaced with new ones

Bearings seem to be readily available for non-crazy money, but I’m struggling to locate races. More questions!

Update: found a full set of bearings, seals and races…in the US. Think I shall be taking advantage of my executive courier in August 🙂

Further progress, removed the centre stand with a lot of heat and wrestling. Something peculiar had been done to it on one side. If I want to re-use it, it will need a lot of cleaning up, possibly welding. Also removed the helmet locks and side stand switch, which all had to be drilled out. I just need to drift out the races and double-check for any remaining bushes etc to be able to start cleaning it up for painting/coating. It’s been suggested I get a bunch of bolts and thread them in wherever there are thread in the frame, to keep out the grit and powder to avoid having to clean them out. Makes sense.


Pitted races

IMG_20130530_124614 IMG_20130530_124650 IMG_20130530_124656 IMG_20130530_124702

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