Teardown: Exhaust, tank and switch gear

By | 27th June 2013

Spent a few minutes in the shed this evening.

Dismantled the exhaust,with the aid of a hacksaw to the clamp bolt. Not sure what to do with it, whether to clean it up and try to polish it or paint it. I lean towards the latter. I can hear rattly bits in the silencers, not sure whether to try to do anything about that…

Note to self: bolts for the clamps were 3x M6 30mm hex bolts with nut.

Took off the fuel cap, petcock and mounting rubbers from the tank and drained most of the remaining dregs of fuel. Seems impossible to get it all out, and don’t want to flush it with water. Maybe the last dregs will evaporate and I can then sluice it with something else. Will soon be ready to paint.

Lastly, removed most of the bits from the handlebars, except for the left switchgear and grip as I couldn’t get the grip off. I imagine it’s bonded and don’t want to cut it off…yet. Will probably replace the grips but don’t want to burn my bridges yet (I’ll also likely replace the bars with ones which aren’t so silly.

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