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Drawing: 2013/01/02

Already missed a couple of days of drawing with travelling and sorting stuff. Oh well. Grabbed a few minutes during work to sketch my work environment (at home). I spent too long trying to get proportions and stuff right before allowing myself to loosen up and just make scribbly marks on the paper. May not… Read More »

Drawing: 2012/12/29

Suddenly realised at the end of the day that I hadn’t drawn anything, while visiting my sister. Totally lacking inspiration, scribbled a few ill-proportioned still lives.

Drawing: 2012/12/28

Day 2: An abortive attempt at copying a butterfly from a book of insects, and an even worse attempt at a grasshopper. The proportions were all wrong (actually, they were wrong on the butterfly, but not as badly) Slightly better attempt at the grasshopper, a Lego Ninjago figure belonging to my son, and a couple… Read More »

Drawing: 2012/12/27

Last month, my sister wrote a blog post about being “able” to draw. I come from a family of artists on my Dad’s side. He was a graphic designer and book illustrator and both his brothers have been involved in painting or book illustration at times. Both my paternal grandparents were illustrators (my grandfather… Read More »

The teardown continues

Oscar and I continued the process of dismantling the LTD this morning. First off, drained the cooling system and removed the radiator. Second, remove the exhaust. Overjoyed to find that the nuts on the stud came off easily (not snapping). Next was to begin the process of removing the engine. The Haynes manual has a… Read More »