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The teardown begins

My existing bike is a 1985 Kawasaki EN450 454LTD. It had problems with starting, which got partially solved by taking it to a mechanic but before I’d ridden it a handful of miles, it had electrical problems I haven’t managed to solve.

Beef and turnips

I needed some lunch today, so checked the cupboards…tinned steak. Checked the fridge…hmm, not much…turnip! Melted some butter (ended up using about twice what was there) Peeled and diced half a large turnip (about 200g, apparently) Got the turnip softening (slightly browned on a few bits) in the butter and threw in 1 clove of… Read More »

Experimenting with Intermittent Fasting

I’ve dabbled with intermittent fasting in the past, but decided to have a go at doing a full 24-hour fast to kickstart myself back into a lower-carb mode. I am in the middle of reading Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet and it kicked me back into the idea of… Read More »

Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

I’m currently loving this song Original: The cover by Walk Off The Earth is also brilliant, both because of the coolness of 5 people playing one guitar (gimmick, but cool) and the quality of the cover: Gotye has done some great songs. It’s the first album I’m actually going to buy in ages. There are… Read More »

First Two Walking Sticks

One of my more unusual hobbies (at least for somebody my age 😉 ) is making walking sticks. I’ve been interested in the craft for some time, but not had much time to actually do any for various reasons. I’ve been a member of the Calleva Stick Dressers for a few years, but only really… Read More »

They think it’s all over…

In January 2011, I set myself a target which was ambitious but, I hoped, achievable. 20,000 pullups by the end of the year. I tried a few, decided how many I could do back then in one day, and set myself a target of 100 in the final day. A simple spreadsheet gave me my… Read More »

Almost there!

As I write this, I am about to go upstairs and do my final set of 10 pullups for the day. This will bring my total for today to 200, and my total number of chinups/pullups since last January to 19805. If I can manage a third day of more than 195 pullups tomorrow, I… Read More »

Hike/run in Pembrokeshire

While we were on holiday in Pembrokeshire I took off for a day with a small bag, my heart-rate monitor and my bare feet. I had worked out a route to take me inland and then loop back to the coast at Manorbier and then planned to take the Pembroke Coast Path back to Tenby… Read More »