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Nappies and stuff

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about what sort of parents we want to be to our little boy. The first thing I know is that I want to use real nappies rather than disposables. My reasons for this are as follows: * Usual environmental argument – they take 500 years to biodegrade; every disposable… Read More »

20 week scan

It’s a boy! I know that the scan is never 100% accurate for sex determination, but I would say that it was fairly unambiguous. We had a very nice trainee sonographer, followed by a fully qualified one to double check things. The upside being that we had more time staring at our baby. I was… Read More »

18 weeks (already)

Well, we’ve been pretty rubbish about keeping this blog updated. Quite a lot has happened in the last 6 weeks: I’ve got antenatal depression (whoop). It’s fairly common and I was more likely to get it because I’ve suffered with depression in the past. It is rather annoying though – as if things weren’t hard… Read More »