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Fuel leak

The morning after the MOT, I noticed a dark patch under the bike, and assumed it was oil. It was towards the back of the bike, so I thought maybe it was the drive shaft leaking. I didn’t have time to look at it, as I was working. During my lunch break, I took a… Read More »

Welcome to the family, Marlene

Having passed the MOT without any advisories (except informal ones to replace the tyres when I can), I feel I can finally welcome my new bike to the family. I was stumped for ideas for a name (don’t question the naming, I just do, OK?) so I put the matter to Hannah and Oscar. Oscar,… Read More »

Little things

Always nice when things work out… I thought I’d better do some minimal pre-MOT checks ahead of Monday. Headlight – working dipped and main beam (as it’s a US-model, no “Off” option) Rear Light – working Brake Light – working for front and rear brakes Horn – *PARP* Left Indicator – TAKAKAKAKA (fast)   uh-oh… Read More »

She’s here!

I’ll document the saga of getting to this point, some time soon, but for now… My V-Max is on MY driveway at last, and running again. MOT is booked for Monday. Bit dubious about the front tyre, but decided to suck it and see, in case there were other hidden issues. It was an advisory… Read More »