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Garden Update

Another week away has seen the courgettes go mad. We took a few with us on holiday, when there were just a few. Now there are a few showing signs of gigantism and lots of little ones on their way. The carrots are finally starting to develop into things that look (and taste) like carrots.… Read More »


A week away from home does wonders for the veggies. At least, it does when you have a week of a mix of rain and sunshine and somebody popping in to water things when there’s no rain. Of course, the weeds had the same benefits so this morning I mowed the lawn and did some… Read More »

More little green things

Very exciting. The mixed leaf salad seedlings are now big enough to see from a distance 😉 and the carrots are showing their faces, as are the spinach beet. I checked the courgettes last night and found a little clod of earth lifting up so I removed it to find a little shoot trying to… Read More »


Ever since I started trying to get our garden into shape, I’ve been planning to have a small veggie patch. I dismantled the rotting shed earlier this year and then some more time passed and I started to build a raised bed. Some more time passed and I laid a small paving area for a… Read More »