So this is Christmas

By | 26th December 2004

I had a fantastic Christmas this year.

The reasons for this are:
* !/pics/2004_1223204642.thumb.jpg (Hannah)! – we spent Christmas day on our own in our flat, and it was peaceful and relaxed and really good fun and Hannah is lovely.
* !/pics/2004_1225233153.thumb.jpg (Snow)! – it snowed!
* !/pics/2004_1225163425.thumb.jpg (Full plate)! – I had lots of nice food
* !/pics/2004_1225171516.thumb.jpg (Failed)! – that I failed to eat

We had a really nice time, a relaxed breakfast after opening stockings. A late lunch after opening the mountain of presents that had been delivered to us and were waiting under our tree. TV in the afternoon and then discovering it had snowed and going for a late night walk, making snow angels in the road.

Now we’re in Reading, we’ve had another round of present opening (including a bread maker from Hannah’s Nanny, and money to buy some wireless networking stuff, whoop!) and we’re going down to Devon on the 30th for a few days for yet another! All in all, a very successful holiday period and it’s hardly started yet.


One thought on “So this is Christmas

  1. David

    Greedy sodchops! We didn’t eat that much …. having said that while you’re away from work, we’ve created a little mountain of chocolate (;-P).

    Have fun.


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