Vegan/Dairy Free Advent Calendars

By | 22nd November 2006

I realise that it may be pushing it a bit for this year, but I have been looking into Vegan/Dairy Free advent calendars for Hannah. A number of places have mentioned Kinnerton as a source for such a thing, but not mention of how to obtain one. As I contacted Kinnerton and got a response, I thought I would share it to save others from having to waste precious days just getting information.

Essentially, Kinnerton do a special Dairy and Nut Free advent calendar in limited numbers that they send to people who order one. They do it as a non-profit thing, but ask for postage costs and a donation that they then pass on to the Anaphylaxis Campaign. I enquired and was sent an order form in MS Word format. I have turned it into a PDF and attached it here

6 thoughts on “Vegan/Dairy Free Advent Calendars

  1. bruce moore

    my daughter who is 2 yrs old is lactose intolerant, so it is very difficult to find a non-dairy advant calander,we would love further information,thanks bruce

  2. Sarah

    My daughter is milk protein intolerant and I have searched the internet for the same thing- I have emailed kinnerton about a dairyfree advent calendar however here are another 2 sites for you to try:- (they are fantastic I always order from them and they usually take about 2 days to deliver at the most! I have also ordered from them christmas tree decorations, christmas puddings, custard etc.) I have only just found them- don’t know how good they are however their dairy free advent calendars seem to be cheaper than dairy free direct.

    If I find any others then I will let you know!

  3. Sharon

    Hi There,

    My daughter is casein intolerant – milk intolerant – I got my dairy free advent calendar in Sainsburys – Waitrose have them too.

    Hope this helps.

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