Anaemia and P.E. (?)

By | 7th January 2007

Well, what a fun few days. We have finally managed to get to see the community midwife in Reading and booked parentcraft classes here. We’ve also done the final bit of the move from Devon and (almost) washed our hands of the house there. A big sigh of relief.

However, while we were down in Devon on Friday, we had a call from the midwife to tell Hannah that her blood test results were back and that she is anaemic. Cue prescription for Iron supplements. It does kind of explain why Hannah’s been so tired lately.

Just to spice things up a bit, Hannah has also been complaining of a sharp pain under her rib for the last two days and it’s got bad enough to wake her in the night and is there most of the time, a lot worse when she coughs, laughs, sneezes etc. She was feeling really rough this evening so we called the midwife to get some advice. As it was out of hours, we had to call the Maternity Unit at Royal Berks and they told us to go down there. We got there at about 9.20pm and I have just got back home to sleep now. (After 2am)

They poked, prodded, listened and measured various things and then the obstetrician came down and did some more of each. He has taken blood (including arterial, very painfully, for blood gas levels) and is currently suspecting a Pulmonary Embolism. Great.

Hannah has been kept in overnight and will be seen by the regular medical doctors, probably in the morning. They were talking about a chest x-ray but we are very much opposed to that. Apparently a CT scan would give the definitive answer anyway, so we’d rather wait for that. In the meantime, they will give her some Heparin which should prevent any clot from getting bigger and allow it to break down naturally.

All rather unpleasant and not at all how either of us wanted to spend the weekend. It’s better to get it sorted now than risk it developing into a serious condition and threating the baby’s life (and/or Hannah’s).

Sleep now.

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