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Giving blood

This isn’t really baby related, but I gave blood today. I’ve been meaning to do it again for ages, but not got around to it. My Nanny was given 4 units over Christmas and it made such a difference that I realised anew how important it is that people give blood. Plus, there’s always the… Read More »

Another update

Another night, another reason for Hannah to stay in hospital. After being told unexpectedly at around 11am that she needed a chest x-ray and discussing it with me Hannah waited for the doctor to come back to talk to her about it. Then she waited a bit more. Eventually a different doctor came round on… Read More »

Radiation and pregnancy

Isn’t life interesting. Yesterday, Hannah told people that she didn’t want a chest x-ray. They said OK, and they’d do a V-Q scan instead which would give the definitive answer. This morning somebody showed up with a wheelchair to take her down for a chest x-ray! They want to do a chest x-ray first and… Read More »


Hannah has spent the night and day in hospital. She has had more poking and monitors and such like in cluding a D-dimer test. She was finally seen by a medic at around 8pm today and he is 90% sure that is isn’t a PE and more likely some kind of musculo-skeletal pain. She’s going… Read More »

Anaemia and P.E. (?)

Well, what a fun few days. We have finally managed to get to see the community midwife in Reading and booked parentcraft classes here. We’ve also done the final bit of the move from Devon and (almost) washed our hands of the house there. A big sigh of relief. However, while we were down in… Read More »

Dropping the ball

Well, we’ve done it again. Weeks without an entry posted. We do have an excuse, though. We’ve moved house (almost). On the 22nd, we moved a big van load of our stuff including a piano and sofa bed from Devon to Reading and unloaded it into 2 rooms. After a lot of shuffling things around,… Read More »

Parentcraft, moving and breaking things

We’ve not been very good about keeping this up to date recently and quite a lot has happened so an update is in order. First off, we’ve entered the third trimester! Suddenly March is looking a lot closer. We’ve now had three of our five sessions at Parent Craft classes which have been quite fun,… Read More »