By | 8th March 2007

A very short post, lots more to follow when I have a chance and many more photos after I’ve sifted through the 150-odd I’ve taken so far.

Oscar James Zoltan Wrigley, born 7th March 2007 at 10.10pm by emergency caesarean. Birth weight 8lb 9oz. Mother and baby well, father buzzing (still).

A quick pic.


2 thoughts on “Baby!

  1. Sara


    I am really pleased for all three of you and especially for Hannah, I hope all your pregnancy problems fade in memory now you get to hold a wonderful baby.

    Hope the icky hospital stay isn’t too bad and they release you for good behaviour soon 🙂


  2. susie

    congratulations from me too. carl has shown me the pictures on flickr and he is so so lovely (oscar, not carl).

    hope you recover quickly from the birth.



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