3 months on

By | 21st June 2007

I can’t believe how quickly the last 3 months have gone. Oscar is a great big boy now – he now weighs over 14lbs and he can hold his head up really well. He rolled over properly (all the way from his front onto his back) at 10 weeks and it feels like he is acquiring a new skill every day. He is such a lovely, contented baby and he spends all day chatting away with me and playing fun games. It’s such a joy to be his mother (well 95% of the time anyway). The last week or so he’s started doing this heart-melting little person laugh and making real baby squeals. He’s super.

He has changed so much from the tiny newborn and seems different in every sense – except for sleeping. He still wakes up three times a night with no obvious sign of any improvement. However, I’m convinced that once we get him on some solids, he’ll sleep better because he won’t be so hungry all the time.

We’ve been getting braver about doing things with him as well. We’ve taken him away over night and I’ve been taking him all over Reading on the bus. Poor little chap had to go shoe shopping with me today which I don’t think he enjoyed very much and all the shops were stupid:

A) Because there wasn’t enough room to squeeze the buggy between the shelves of shoes in the sale and

B) There were tripping hazards all over the floor and the shoes were getting tangled up in the wheels.

I’ve got a lot more middle-aged since having a baby and also a lot more willing to complain about things. I feel rather sorry for the (male, teenage, nice-but-dim) shop assistant in a certain shop in the Oracle. Certainly I will never be able to go in THERE again.

On saturday, we’re going to Bristol for a family party so we’ll get the chance to show Oscar off again. I’ve had to buy an outfit for it – I’m nowhere near fitting into my regular clothing and it is too long after the birth to still get away with wearing maternity clothes. It is very depressing having to buy such massive clothing and selecting tent-like outfits to try to cover wobbling empty baby sack. It is like it has just been vacated and remains exactly as it was. 12 weeks after the casearan I was allowed to start doing vigorous exercise again and sit-ups. I’ve been doing these things for about 3 weeks now with no obvious affect – except to make my scar look cross! Hiss and grumble.

Just in fits of giggles right now. Joe has just got Oscar to bed and then, whilst he was putting away his toys, Oscar’s phone toy started playing (very loudly) “London Bridge is falling Down” the minute he picked it up! Serves us right for buying such noisy toys.


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