20,000 Pullups – milestone reached

By | 17th March 2011

I’ve had a flaky week or so, what with Hannah’s health and what not. I’ve kept the pullups ticking over, but missed a couple of days. Today I started out well with a couple of sets before breakfast and some more mid-morning.

When I updated my spreadsheet, I noticed I was within 53 of hitting 2000 pullups. I figured I could push on through and have just completed my 129th pullup today (a daily record), taking me to 2006 pullups so far.

10% feels pretty good, and I’m over 500 over my cumulative target so pretty pleased with that. I’m also improving how many pullups I can do in a set. A few weeks ago it felt like I was never going to be able to do more than 5 pullups (I could do at least 10 chinups, somehow they’re much easier), but I can comfortably do 7 now, so it’s improving gradually.

In terms of fundraising, I think I’m stuck by the fact that the Royal Berks Cardiac Care Unit isn’t a registered charity in its own right. The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust is, but doesn’t appear to be registered with any online giving sites. Justgiving and others all seem to charge £150+ for registration and then Justgiving charges the charity a monthly fee AND a per-transaction processing fee. Hmph.

I’m looking at using paypal or google checkout or nochex to take sponsorship. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

One thought on “20,000 Pullups – milestone reached

  1. Ian

    I work for the Royal Berks Charity (Hospital Charity) and we have a cardiac care fund at the hospital. We also have a JustGiving account where you can set up your own page.
    Send me an email and we can talk further.


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