They think it’s all over…

By | 31st December 2011

In January 2011, I set myself a target which was ambitious but, I hoped, achievable.

20,000 pullups by the end of the year.

I tried a few, decided how many I could do back then in one day, and set myself a target of 100 in the final day. A simple spreadsheet gave me my total, with a linear daily increase.

I realised pretty soon that when I said pullups, I really meant chinups (distinguished by the direction the palms face on the bar). I mixed in pullups and chinups most days. I hope nobody hold it against me.

I also failed to allow for rest days, which meant that I had to keep ahead of my schedule to allow for rest days. Quite manageable at first, but tough towards the end. I also had a few setbacks, with a pulled muscle putting me back by 2 weeks, and a holiday during which I found it hard to do any pullups (I found a pullup bar in a children’s playground but the idea of hanging out at a playground wasn’t too appealing).

Much of October and November were spent clawing back the lost time, but, with the end in sight, I made a final drive to complete my target on Christmas Eve and in time to take my mother-in-law to Midnight Mass.

My cheapo bar from a large national supermarket held up surprisingly well. I had to wrap old flannels around the ends where it presses against the door frame, and it’s slightly bowed in the middle.

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My arms now look like this:


5 thoughts on “They think it’s all over…

  1. maedhros Post author

    Scott – I think my max-reps in a set was 4 chinups (palm in) and either 2 or 3 pullups (palm out)


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