WOD: Woodsman’s walk with barrow

By | 17th November 2015



Wheel barrow loaded with axe, sledge hammer, splitting wedges, club maul and hatchet downhill through woods, for time.

Log Splitting – 1 round, for time

Flip 80+kg log end over end twice

Use axe to begin split, hammer with sledge hammer to extend it.

Insert wedges and hammer in as needed.

Log Carry – 2 rounds, to exhaustion

Hoist 1 half of the log (approximately 40kg) onto shoulder and carry uphill until exhausted


Coppicing – 1x 30 minute round

Using a bow saw, fell and cut up as many hazel trees as possible in the time. Select suitable lengths and place on wheelbarrow

Log Retrieval – for time

Push/drag barrow up the hill through woods, loaded with lengths of hazel and all tools. See illustration.

Note: difficulty can be dramatically increased by only partially inflating wheelbarrow tyre!

Replace wheelbarrow with a better one and retrieve the two split logs, in one trip if possible.

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