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Enabling lxdm in Fedora 19

Quick tip. Long story short, I decided to swap out gdm for a lighter display manager on an underpowered machine. I found the lxdm is packaged, but when I ran the system-switch-displaymanager helper script it told me that: “The graphical display manager lxdm is not supported yet.” I had a poke around in the system-switch-displaymanager… Read More »

Webex on 64-bit Fedora 19

It’s hard to believe that 32/64-bit compatibility is still an issue in this day an age. I’d hoped it would be plain sailing by now. But no. I use Webex at work, and at some point it and/or java stopped working. I kind of lost track of what I’d done before, but decided I wanted… Read More »

Google Chrome, Chromium and proxy settings

This is really for my benefit, in case I forget, but might also help somebody else who finds this annoyance. I use google chrome to get at bits of the web that certain corporate proxies don’t allow. I use an ssh tunnel to a tinyproxy instance running on my home machine and then connect to… Read More »

WordPress Upgrade

I’ve upgraded WordPress to 1.5. It was straightforward for me, although I had to hack one of the scripts a bit to deal with my dynamic php/css stuff. I managed to stuff up Hannah’s at first but a bit of hacking on the posts database fixed things. The templates seem pretty good, much better than… Read More »

Ubuntu Netinstall without CDROM

I’m writing this up for my own benefit as it will be faster to find next time I forget. I have problems installing Ubuntu on my laptop as it does not provide debian style floppy-based installation media. My CDROM drive is totally shot, so all I have is a floppy drive or network card as… Read More »


Bah. I got hacked. I think it was probably due to a couple of files being world writeable (i.e. index.php and a style file) mainly due to my laziness in editing them in the wordpress editor. I won’t be doing that again. Of course, I may get hacked again, in which case it must be… Read More »