Monthly Archives: December 2004

So this is Christmas

I had a fantastic Christmas this year. The reasons for this are: * !/pics/2004_1223204642.thumb.jpg (Hannah)! – we spent Christmas day on our own in our flat, and it was peaceful and relaxed and really good fun and Hannah is lovely. * !/pics/2004_1225233153.thumb.jpg (Snow)! – it snowed! * !/pics/2004_1225163425.thumb.jpg (Full plate)! – I had lots of… Read More »


Bah. I got hacked. I think it was probably due to a couple of files being world writeable (i.e. index.php and a style file) mainly due to my laziness in editing them in the wordpress editor. I won’t be doing that again. Of course, I may get hacked again, in which case it must be… Read More »


Hannah and I had a rare social engagement at the weekend. We booked a hotel room in Nottingham, shared with JCM and his delightful personal habits and then had an enjoyable evening at Dave Brailsford’s Christmas Bash. I really enjoyed myself. I ate, drank and was merry. I even discovered a couple of wines that… Read More »

Lost in music

Another day, another concert. This time at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. Hannah was performing in the choir which was performing Mozart’s Requiem. Very nice it was too. There was also a Brahms concerto which was good, and Sibelius’s Symphony No. 7 (I think) which I found a little dull.

Carols for Choirs

Had a quite enjoyable evening yesterday at the University of Birmingham carol service. The free mulled wine was surprisingly palatable and the choir was good (Hannah was in it). There was a small group of brass players who were quite good and bolstered my resolve to practise my cornet more.

Such fun

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the aforementioned “cathedral of materialism”: and then bemusedly observing the behavioural traits of some drivers in the dark in heavy traffic. We were planning on driving back to Birmingham last night, but got sidetracked by the the excellent “School of Rock”: and decided to come back this morning. Cue… Read More »

Christmas is coming…

…and I am getting fat. But hey, what are you gonna do. We’re down in Reading for the weekend. It was Holly’s birthday yesterday and we went out for a meal and I partook of various meats. Did a bit of Christmas shopping today and more to follow tomorrow when we go to “a big… Read More »

New visuals

I’ve been playing around with redesigning my site with a new front page and my blog as only part of it. I haven’t had much time, so I’ve largely only been doing things with CSS and the like to see what I can make it look like. I have been doing odd things with dynamically… Read More »

Hoooooooooow Long?

Well, it’s been a very long time since I last blogged. Every time I look at it, I seem to go blank. Time for an update, I guess. I’m enjoying my work. I’ve been doing a lot of work at Landrover’s plant in Gaydon. Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel and… Read More »