By | 12th January 2007

Hooray to have escaped the hospital. Since Joe’s last post I had to stay in for an x-ray which they made me wait from 8.30am until 5pm to have. I was sitting in a chair waiting for a porter for all that time! Worse still, they claimed they’d lost my menu card (even though it was in the box with all the other ones for my ward) and couldn’t provide any vegan meal for me and they wouldn’t allow Joe to bring me any food because the ward was closed!

So after starving me all day and making me sit in a chair for 8 1/2 hours when I was supposed to be on bed rest, I discharged myself. My X-ray was clear so it became very unlikely that it was a PE and the pain in my chest was also getting better by itself anyway. On the way home we got a wagamama take-away and it was the most welcome meal I’ve ever had!

Still ill now. Saw doctor yesterday and I’m back on bed rest. He wasn’t concerned about a PE and he thinks that basically my anaemia needs to be tackled and that I need some tests to check my liver, thyroid and kidneys are OK.

(Lisa: c x-ray normal, SOB improving, pain improving and D-dimers only slightly elevated at 140 and pregnancy can cause elevated d-dimer result anyway (normal 0-130). At moment very tachycardic – PR sustained at 128 although BP normal and O2 sats normal. Obviously need to check no haemolytic disorder such as HELLP, no hyperthyroidism and no renal hypertension.)

Will be having lots of tests done next week so that’s something to look forward to! In meantime I’m not supposed to be doing anything which would be rather dull if I weren’t so tired all the time. I will have to go to Babies R Us this weekend though because we don’t have anything ready and the baby has already tried to come early twice! Also, sometimes the baby needs to be delivered early for certain medical conditions. Murphy’s (‘sod’s’) law dictates that if we’re all ready, the baby won’t arrive for ages which is what we want. I was in panic in the hospital that we haven’t got anything ready yet and I have no hospital bag. Will get that sorted now.

Anyway, all for now. I’ve still got a broken wrist so typing takes ages. Will make sure Joe updates this for you all. Sorry for not emailing everyone personally. I hope you are all well and are having a great 2007.

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