Monthly Archives: February 2007

Another weekend at the hospital

I am sitting at home today feeling rather cross and am still pregnant! After spending 5 hours at the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) on Friday, (for what was supposed to be a routine check-up after my hind-waters broke and I had some bleeding last weekend – I’d spent 3 days in hospital and was told… Read More »

Giving blood

This isn’t really baby related, but I gave blood today. I’ve been meaning to do it again for ages, but not got around to it. My Nanny was given 4 units over Christmas and it made such a difference that I realised anew how important it is that people give blood. Plus, there’s always the… Read More »

Stupid Kidneys

Well, I have another kidney infection! Just 2 weeks after having the last one and I’m back on the antibiotics. Hope they’re not doing anything horrible to the baby because I’ve had a LOT of antibiotics during this pregnancy. Unfortunately, the infection is with Group B Strep which is a really nasty bacteria. If the… Read More »