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Pease porridge in a pot…

9 days old. Both feeling a lot more human today. We had what amounted to a full night’s sleep last night. Hannah went to bed just after 9 and got about 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In we were both able to get sleep in between feeds and nappy changes so in total it was… Read More »


There are a bunch of photos of Oscar at

Birth Story

This section of our story, which is both final and introductory, begins with a visit to the GP. Actually, I’d better backtrack a day or so. On Tuesday (06/03/2007) we had an appointment at the antenatal clinic with the consultant obstetrician. We also had an appointment for a detailed scan of the placenta booked for… Read More »


A very short post, lots more to follow when I have a chance and many more photos after I’ve sifted through the 150-odd I’ve taken so far. Oscar James Zoltan Wrigley, born 7th March 2007 at 10.10pm by emergency caesarean. Birth weight 8lb 9oz. Mother and baby well, father buzzing (still). A quick pic.

Twitter client

You may have heard of Twitter. I can’t decide if it’s pointless yet, it’s another Web 2.0 meme thing and it’s kind of fun. Anyway, I knocked up a little client for it, because posting to it via IM is great and all, but the bot on the other end seems kind of sleepy and… Read More »