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Hannah and Oscar were sitting in the back of Michelle’s car, singing “I am the music man” to try to keep Oscar and Natalie entertained. Hannah was asking each child in turn which instrument they’d like next. Oscar asked for the horn. Hannah: “What sort of horn?”Oscar: I can’t remember.Hannah: “OK, we’ll do it with… Read More »


One of our concerns with Oscar’s behaviour is how he reacts to threat or attack. My last post about his reaction to his castle being broken is an example of how he can react verbally, but he can also react physically. The other day, one of his friends bit him quite hard on the shoulder.… Read More »

More little green things

Very exciting. The mixed leaf salad seedlings are now big enough to see from a distance 😉 and the carrots are showing their faces, as are the spinach beet. I checked the courgettes last night and found a little clod of earth lifting up so I removed it to find a little shoot trying to… Read More »

Challenging behaviour

This is just a quick post to illustrate the sort of difficulties we have been having with Oscar. I’ll expand on it soon, as we’re making some changes with how we deal with his frustration and bad behaviour. Oscar was at Toddlers, playing on his own, building a castle out of Duplo blocks. Another toddler… Read More »

The things people do at work…

I found this on top of the soap dispenser in the toilet at work. I removed it, partly because I didn’t want to run the risk of the next visitor thinking I’d left it behind 😉 I thought about using it for a prank, or emailing the office mailing list to let whoever left it… Read More »


Ever since I started trying to get our garden into shape, I’ve been planning to have a small veggie patch. I dismantled the rotting shed earlier this year and then some more time passed and I started to build a raised bed. Some more time passed and I laid a small paving area for a… Read More »

A bright little boy

I’ve been wanting to write this for a little while, but swine flu intervened… We’ve known Oscar is a little bit different for a while. His speech and comprehension are often jaw-dropping, but it’s difficult to be unbiased when you’re a parent. There are too many things that he does that are amazing, but going… Read More »

Swine flu

Seems like Hannah’s almost certainly got swine flu. She was up puking several times last night and has most of the expected symptoms. The NHS have taken the stance that containment isn’t working so they’re giving Tamiflu to anybody reporting symptoms. Hopefully the Tamiflu will help in a day or two. I’m hoping that Oscar… Read More »


Is this normal for a 2 year old? Normally, the fridge magnets are strewn across the front of the fridge, dishwasher and floor. Oscar obviously took issue with that..