What is this?

By | 27th May 2010

I’d be interested to know if somebody can identify this (it’s a little larger than a squash ball:

UPDATE: The prize goes to Carl:

It appears to be an air stone for fish tanks/ponds.


Since yesterday evening it found its way through our rear windscreen:






I’ve held back on the vitriol, but if I could get hold of the person responsible, I’d happily introduce their head to both the missile and the glass.

4 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. David Goodwin

    Odd they didn’t actually / apparently steal anything from your car – seems a bit pointless to just break the back windscreen for no other gain….

  2. Coliin Seymour


    From the mark on the side of the projectile, I’d say it’s probably nothing malicious – there’s probably a kid about 100m away in his back garden with a golf club doing a little bit of “practice” and your car happens to be the new green, now with it’s own hole.

  3. Tilman Baumann

    Look out for those aquaristik people.
    They are aggressive bastards, just be glad he did not throw a whole fish at your car!


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