Drawing: 2012/12/27

By | 27th December 2012

Last month, my sister wrote a blog post about being “able” to draw.


I come from a family of artists on my Dad’s side. He was a graphic designer and book illustrator and both his brothers have been involved in painting or book illustration at times. Both my paternal grandparents were illustrators (my grandfather illustrated the 1976 Guinness Book of World Records and posters for Oliver):

Elsie Wrigley

Denis Wrigley

My sister has artistic aptitude, as you can see from her blog and galleries and is working on illustrating children’s books. I, however, have always been the “science-y” one. Drawing has never come easily to me. Proportions are wrong, and I lose patience and interest quickly.

Reading Susie’s post, though, inspired me to try again. I bought myself a sketch pad and some pencils and a cheap netbook case to keep them in, and I am trying to draw something every day. To keep me at it, I’m going to post it all here, however crap it is. I’m hoping that by simply getting something down on paper most days, I’ll start to improve or at least find a style of my own that doesn’t look too awful.

Here’s my first drawing. Just a collection of things lying around the living room at Christmas.


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