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Drawing: 2013/01/02

Already missed a couple of days of drawing with travelling and sorting stuff. Oh well. Grabbed a few minutes during work to sketch my work environment (at home). I spent too long trying to get proportions and stuff right before allowing myself to loosen up and just make scribbly marks on the paper. May not… Read More »

Drawing: 2012/12/29

Suddenly realised at the end of the day that I hadn’t drawn anything, while visiting my sister. Totally lacking inspiration, scribbled a few ill-proportioned still lives.

Drawing: 2012/12/28

Day 2: An abortive attempt at copying a butterfly from a book of insects, and an even worse attempt at a grasshopper. The proportions were all wrong (actually, they were wrong on the butterfly, but not as badly) Slightly better attempt at the grasshopper, a Lego Ninjago figure belonging to my son, and a couple… Read More »

Drawing: 2012/12/27

Last month, my sister wrote a blog post about being “able” to draw. I come from a family of artists on my Dad’s side. He was a graphic designer and book illustrator and both his brothers have been involved in painting or book illustration at times. Both my paternal grandparents were illustrators (my grandfather… Read More »