By | 18th June 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I got my first blisters from barefooting. I’ve
had a few hotspots before from form issues but have been able to use
them to learn better form.

This time, I went out at lunch time, after the sun had been baking the
pavement for a good few hours. Air temp was around 27C (80F).

The pavement felt pretty warm, but not immediately burning hot. By the
time I left the pavement, around 500m, I had some beauties on the ball
of both feet.

Like a fool, I carried on for the rest of my 5km run, and by time I finished, I was running on little water beds. Silly, but it gave me the opportunity to try a technique I read about on Colin’s blog.

Check out his post for the gory details. I’ll probably write it up some time myself, but in the meantime, here are some pictures:

I’m happy to report that the results were pretty good. I experienced (so far) none of that problem where the covering skin splits and detaches, leaving raw skin underneath. It might come off eventually, but it seems to have re-adhered to the underlying skin.

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