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Form problems and blisters

When I started running barefoot, I had problems with twisting between landing and lift-off. This led to a few blisters at the front of the ball of foot, between the big and second toes. This had been coined the “Valley of the Kings” blister on the huaraches Google Group. I have mostly cured this problem… Read More »

Short, cold, dark run

After my short, but successful walk, my wife wanted some things from the shop so I threw on some sweatpants, a fleece, jacket, gloves and hat and ran up and down stairs a few times and did a few potty squats to warm up before running to the shop. As it was about -2 degrees… Read More »

Sub-zero Walker

Wait, there’s some nutter out here walking barefoot? The wife and I took our son out for a walk in his buggy (stroller) to get him to sleep. It is a crisp, clear night, a little below freezing. I decided to slip off my shoes and try going bare for a bit. I had to… Read More »

Bare Feet in the cold

To my chagrin, this was the first run in a month (since the Halloween 5K Nite Run). It’s been bitterly cold the last few days, and due to get worse, although we have escaped snow so far. It was around freezing so I tried the tips from Barefoot Owen at http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Area-Barefoot-Running/boards/view/viewthread?thread=10093236 I normally wear fairly… Read More »


A couple of weeks ago, I got my first blisters from barefooting. I’ve had a few hotspots before from form issues but have been able to use them to learn better form. This time, I went out at lunch time, after the sun had been baking the pavement for a good few hours. Air temp… Read More »

Grok Runs Barefoot

Today I ran a 5K “Fun Run” organised by Microsoft on the business park I work on. The event was in aid of the NSPCC. I’d heard there was a prize for best costume, and I figured a caveman costume gave me a good excuse to run it barefoot. I didn’t win the best costume… Read More »

First Barefoot “race”

In a short while, I’m running the Sport Relief Mile in Caversham. I’m running 3 miles, barefoot. We’ll see how that turns out 🙂 If you’d like to sponsor me: http://www.mysportrelief.com/joewrigley

First Barefoot Run

I have continued to run a few times in my wetsuit boots and felt, on the whole, pretty good about it. I have still kept it very short (400 to 800m) and worked on form. A couple of times doing two circuits of http://www.favoriterun.com/298785 and a couple of times while at my parents doing two… Read More »

Catch Up and running

It has been a while. We have been very busy with “life”. Things in the pipeline, Oscar, Holly’s new baby and Christmas. In the odd moments that I have had spare (or pretended were spare), I have been reading about barefoot running. I used to be able to run reasonably well, with little preparation. However,… Read More »