Banana Pancakes

By | 15th February 2013

Inspired by Paul Halliday I had a go at making banana crêpe-style pancakes (literally egg and banana).

I had some difficulty turning them, and the texture was a little wet even when cooked. Perhaps cooking lower and longer would dry them out a bit without burning. To overcome the flipping problem, I used 2 plates to turn them over and replace in the pan.

They tasted good, though, and make a tasty, fairly sweet snack. Lack of enthusiasm on the part of the rest of the family resulted in me eating 3 in one sitting, a total of 3 eggs and 1 and a half large bananas. The first I had plain, the second I added a couple of slices of ham and the third smeared with yoghurt. Very tasty, and pretty filling.



2 thoughts on “Banana Pancakes

  1. Paul Halliday

    Good work, pal! You’re missing an egg, tho 🙂
    Ingenious on the problem with flipping – I’ve done that with frittata before, or slid out onto a board, placed the pan over the top and turned over.
    Your family don’t know what they’re missing – these really are good.

  2. admin Post author

    A comment! My first real one (on this blog) 🙂

    I thought I’d actually gone slightly heavier with the egg than you suggested, with 1 large (I think) egg, for about half a large banana.

    The bananas were very ripe, however. I wonder if that affects the binding properties.

    The family did try them, and my son ate most of a whole pancake himself, my wife wasn’t keen but she doesn’t like ordinary pancakes either.


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