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Drinking More Water

I’ve read a bit about “drinking to thirst” rather than the old axiom of 8 glasses. It makes reasonable sense, given that I don’t really believe that there should be hard and fast rules about consumption like that. Another thing you often see in the “weight loss” industry is the suggestion that when you think… Read More »

Banana Pancakes

Inspired by Paul Halliday I had a go at making banana crêpe-style pancakes (literally egg and banana). I had some difficulty turning them, and the texture was a little wet even when cooked. Perhaps cooking lower and longer would dry them out a bit without burning. To overcome the flipping problem, I used 2 plates to turn… Read More »

Beef and turnips

I needed some lunch today, so checked the cupboards…tinned steak. Checked the fridge…hmm, not much…turnip! Melted some butter (ended up using about twice what was there) Peeled and diced half a large turnip (about 200g, apparently) Got the turnip softening (slightly browned on a few bits) in the butter and threw in 1 clove of… Read More »