Drinking More Water

By | 17th February 2013

I’ve read a bit about “drinking to thirst” rather than the old axiom of 8 glasses. It makes reasonable sense, given that I don’t really believe that there should be hard and fast rules about consumption like that. Another thing you often see in the “weight loss” industry is the suggestion that when you think you’re hungry you should have a drink of water first as you may be thirsty instead, or to con your body into some appetite suppression (usually with the caveat that it will help drop a couple of pounds but not long term).

Then I read something on Mark’s Daily Apple and it gave me pause for thought. I definitely fall on the side of probably not drinking enough. I have also read that on a low carb diet you tend to drink less water because you don’t need so much water (carbs take more water to digest, or for uptake to cells, I can’t remember the details or find a decent citation right now). I’m a terrible snacker, and comfort eater and I do start the day with at least a couple of large mugs of black coffee and often don’t drink anything but coffee or tea throughout the day, and go to bed moderately thirsty.

So, I’m starting the day with a decent sized drink of water, ideally at least a half hour before I eat anything, and don’t drink coffee until I’ve had a drink or two of water, to make sure I’m drinking it for enjoyment not for thirst. I’m also keeping a water bottle with me as a big part of not drinking during the day is laziness or forgetfulness. I think that my sense of thirst is badly out of whack and “drinking to thirst” doesn’t really work for me, at the moment. Perhaps it will be retuned if I get better habits.

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