Welcome to the family, Marlene

By | 24th June 2013

Having passed the MOT without any advisories (except informal ones to replace the tyres when I can), I feel I can finally welcome my new bike to the family. I was stumped for ideas for a name (don’t question the naming, I just do, OK?) so I put the matter to Hannah and Oscar. Oscar, my 6 year old son, immediately suggested Marlene, after the otter in Penguins of Madagascar (that he’s been watching a lot of recently).

I wasn’t exactly smitten with the name, but lacking an alternative decided to roll with it. It’s growing on me, and seems quite suitable, now.

Marlene is an otter bred in captivity. As long as she’s inside the walls of the zoo, she’s quite cutesy and mild-mannered.


The moment she sets foot outside the walls of the zoo, she becomes a crazed, wild animal.


Seems somehow appropriate for a bike that looks rather like a cruiser, but if you open her up, takes off like a bat out of hell (bred for the drag strip).




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