Run/Walk along the River Dove

Last weekend, we were in Burton-on-Trent for a wedding. We were only attending the evening reception, so took the boys to Jangala soft play centre (recommended). Hannah suggested I take off for a little while and go for a walk, so I hopped in the car and drove around looking for somewhere to walk. I… Read More »

Louth Canal Walk

This post has been sitting largely written, as a draft, since about last October! While we were on holiday in Cleethorpes, I took off for my customary “alone time” barefoot walk. I’d had a look at the available options, and settled on a walk from Louth, along the Louth Canal to Tetney Lock, and then along… Read More »

Fuel leak

The morning after the MOT, I noticed a dark patch under the bike, and assumed it was oil. It was towards the back of the bike, so I thought maybe it was the drive shaft leaking. I didn’t have time to look at it, as I was working. During my lunch break, I took a… Read More »

Teardown: Exhaust, tank and switch gear

Spent a few minutes in the shed this evening. Dismantled the exhaust,with the aid of a hacksaw to the clamp bolt. Not sure what to do with it, whether to clean it up and try to polish it or paint it. I lean towards the latter. I can hear rattly bits in the silencers, not… Read More »

Welcome to the family, Marlene

Having passed the MOT without any advisories (except informal ones to replace the tyres when I can), I feel I can finally welcome my new bike to the family. I was stumped for ideas for a name (don’t question the naming, I just do, OK?) so I put the matter to Hannah and Oscar. Oscar,… Read More »

Little things

Always nice when things work out… I thought I’d better do some minimal pre-MOT checks ahead of Monday. Headlight – working dipped and main beam (as it’s a US-model, no “Off” option) Rear Light – working Brake Light – working for front and rear brakes Horn – *PARP* Left Indicator – TAKAKAKAKA (fast)   uh-oh… Read More »

She’s here!

I’ll document the saga of getting to this point, some time soon, but for now… My V-Max is on MY driveway at last, and running again. MOT is booked for Monday. Bit dubious about the front tyre, but decided to suck it and see, in case there were other hidden issues. It was an advisory… Read More »

Biking and Me

This is going to be a long, probably tedious, autobiographical post. I suspect nobody will read it. I’m not sure when my interest in motorcycles started. Certainly I was interested that my cousin, Richard, had a bike that he rode around his parents field, and later others. I first recall really getting interested in my… Read More »

Teardown: Beginning frame prep

  Oscar and I began the tedious process of stripping paint, beginning with Nitromors. I realise that I’m probably wasting time and money on this, because I’m going to get it grit-blasted anyway, but it’s a good opportunity to do something together. Oscar was pretty careful, and I’d got him wearing safety glasses and gloves… Read More »