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Drawing: 2012/12/27

Last month, my sister wrote a blog post about being “able” to draw. I come from a family of artists on my Dad’s side. He was a graphic designer and book illustrator and both his brothers have been involved in painting or book illustration at times. Both my paternal grandparents were illustrators (my grandfather… Read More »

Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

I’m currently loving this song Original: The cover by Walk Off The Earth is also brilliant, both because of the coolness of 5 people playing one guitar (gimmick, but cool) and the quality of the cover: Gotye has done some great songs. It’s the first album I’m actually going to buy in ages. There are… Read More »

Woman’s Weekly notices paradigm shifts?

A lot of the reading I’ve been doing lately has been around diet and health, and how a lot of “Conventional Wisdom” about diet is fundamentally flawed. For instance, the idea that saturated fat causes heart disease appears to be…flat out wrong (I can provide citations). I don’t have time to blog about it much,… Read More »

Daddy I love this!

What with all my research into barefooting and minimal shoes, it’s bothered me that many of the shoes that Oscar wears are kind of clunky and inflexible, or have a heel. We know about Soft Star Shoes in the US, but there isn’t anywhere in the UK that does anything like that for adults that… Read More »

20,000 pullups minor update

Over the weekend, I quietly reached a little milestone. That’s right, I’ve done over 1000 pullups. 5% of the way towards my goal. There are an awful lot more to do, but it feels good to have made that milestone. Especially since my shoulder was giving me some real gyp (cue ratholing into etymology of… Read More »

20,000 pullups – shoulder update

Over the last few days, my right shoulder has been feeling a bit dodgy. I don’t want to stop or cut back the pullups too much yet, but I did think a bit of rest could help. Yesterday, I did all my pullups before breakfast, and today I waited until late evening, giving myself about… Read More »

Stupid Shoulder

For the last couple of days, my right shoulder has been grumbling. I think it’s from doing the Pullups “fully-extended” so I’ve been taking care on form and keeping the sets small; something helped by the fact that they’re really hard! I’ll have to read up on correct form and shoulder anatomy. “Rotation Cuff” seems… Read More »

20,000 pullups – update

As you will see from the graph on my original post I’ve been doing pretty well with the pullups. Possibly a little too well. After it was apparent that I could do more than I need to to match my current daily targets, I focussed more on quality. Ouch. The bar is at such a… Read More »

20,000 pullups in 2011

Carl and @PabloCheesecake are two fat blokes who have set themselves the target of doing 20,000 situps (each) by the end of the year. M. Cheesecake set himself the target of cycling 500 miles in 2010 and achieved it, and by some fat-gentleman’s agreement they have set themselves a situp target. To help motivate and… Read More »