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Like a hole in the…heart

To update Hannah’s progress somewhat… The Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at Royal Berks were great at taking care of Hannah during the 8 days she was in the hospital. Work were excellent at giving me time off to deal with it all and family rallied around to help us out. The first consultant did a… Read More »

Bit of a squash

This year, I planted a few different squash and pumpkins, hopefully early enough to actually mature. Last year our one pumpkin of any size was still green at the end of the growing season. I also built a teepee type thing for beans and to get the gourds to grow up. I’d been looking at… Read More »

The day Hannah had a heart attack

Yesterday morning, as I was about to leave for work, Hannah started to clean the kitchen bin with bleach spray. A couple of minutes later, she started to have what, from previous experience, felt like an asthma attack. She felt it was burning in her lungs and told me she must have inhaled chlorine. Her… Read More »

Reading Borough Council waste collection calendar

Last year, Reading Borough Council provided printed calendars with the dates for collections of rubbish and recycling etc. This year, they don’t seem to have done so. It took a little while of chasing links around the site, but in the end I found an online version. Go to My Reading and set your… Read More »

What is this?

I’d be interested to know if somebody can identify this (it’s a little larger than a squash ball: UPDATE: The prize goes to Carl: It appears to be an air stone for fish tanks/ponds. Since yesterday evening it found its way through our rear windscreen: I’ve held back on the vitriol, but if I could… Read More »

The grass is greener

Our “lawn” is looking decidedly unhappy, so I decided to give a bit of love to a section of it. I used a garden fork to aerate it a bit, and tried to sweep sharp sand into the holes. Seemed to leave a lot still above ground, at the roots, but I left it. As… Read More »

Sport Relief Mile Pics

The event organiser took a few pictures of me running, and kindly sent me copies. Proof, for you 🙂 Images courtesy of Dave Renshaw

Fungus Identification

Dear Lazyweb, Can anybody tell me what kind of fungus this is? There were several groups of them by the lake at The Vyne.

First Barefoot “race”

In a short while, I’m running the Sport Relief Mile in Caversham. I’m running 3 miles, barefoot. We’ll see how that turns out 🙂 If you’d like to sponsor me: