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Hike/run in Pembrokeshire

While we were on holiday in Pembrokeshire I took off for a day with a small bag, my heart-rate monitor and my bare feet. I had worked out a route to take me inland and then loop back to the coast at Manorbier and then planned to take the Pembroke Coast Path back to Tenby… Read More »

Form problems and blisters

When I started running barefoot, I had problems with twisting between landing and lift-off. This led to a few blisters at the front of the ball of foot, between the big and second toes. This had been coined the “Valley of the Kings” blister on the huaraches Google Group. I have mostly cured this problem… Read More »

Short, cold, dark run

After my short, but successful walk, my wife wanted some things from the shop so I threw on some sweatpants, a fleece, jacket, gloves and hat and ran up and down stairs a few times and did a few potty squats to warm up before running to the shop. As it was about -2 degrees… Read More »

Bare Feet in the cold

To my chagrin, this was the first run in a month (since the Halloween 5K Nite Run). It’s been bitterly cold the last few days, and due to get worse, although we have escaped snow so far. It was around freezing so I tried the tips from Barefoot Owen at I normally wear fairly… Read More »

runbritain handicap

The Halloween 5K Nite Run was registered with, so I now have a very modest handicap: runbritain’s revolutionary new handicap scoring system is designed to give road runners of all abilities the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains.

All runners are worthy of respect

Harry, over at Barefoot Ted’s mailing list has written a great post about the marathon. He makes a very valid point. I am pretty sure that I could just about stagger through a marathon right now. It might take me 8 hours, and calling it running might be debatable, but I have covered over 26.2 miles… Read More »

Halloween 5K Nite Run A lot of fun, I feel comfortable that I’ve set a low PR with my first ever timed 5K. It was dark, muddy and slippery for a lot of the course, and parts were narrow which made it difficult to pass people when I wanted to. I started right at the very back, because… Read More »